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500 Butterflies From Around the World

500 Butterflies From Around the World
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Author: Ken Preston-Mafham
Hardcover; 528 pages

500 Butterflies from Around the World covers 500 species, subspecies and forms of butterflies. This book provides a valuable and colorful guide to butterflies from every continent. Stunning images, often of butterflies in their natural habitat, complement the informative text and observations of butterflies in the wild. Images of adult butterflies and in certain instances of the caterpillars are shown.

The book is organized by genus and includes a cross-referenced index as well as a glossary. For each species, the entry includes detailed information on its:

• Natural history
• Habitat
• Distribution
• Form
• Behavior
• Food and feeding
• Species variations
• Reproduction
• Taxonomy
• Survival

500 Butterflies From Around the World is a concise and beautiful introduction to these fascinating insects and a useful resource for butterfly enthusiasts and naturalists of all ages.

About the author: Ken Preston-Mafham is a photographer, naturalist, authority on Lepidoptera, and the author of Butterflies and Moths and Butterflies of the World.

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