Butterfly Gifts: from apparel to jewelry to notecards and much, much more!
Butterflies seem to float almost weightless through the air, delicately sipping nectar, completely at home among the most beautiful of flowers. These butterfly themed gifts celebrate the timeless beauty, grace, and hope, epitomized by the butterfly…
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Butterfly Gift Card (SKU: PG1227)Butterfly Gift Card (SKU: PG1227)
Butterfly Gift Card (SKU: PG1226)Butterfly Gift Card (SKU: PG1226)
Butterfly Hand Painted Peruvian Gourds (SKU: HM1150)Butterfly Hand Painted Peruvian Gourds (SKU: HM1150)
Butterfly Head Wrap (SKU: AP1022)Butterfly Head Wrap (SKU: AP1022)
Butterfly House (SKU: BK1076)Butterfly House (SKU: BK1076)
Butterfly Iron-On Transfer Patterns (SKU: PG1033)Butterfly Iron-On Transfer Patterns (SKU: PG1033)
Butterfly Journal (SKU: PG1245)Butterfly Journal (SKU: PG1245)
Butterfly Journal (SKU: PG1247)Butterfly Journal (SKU: PG1247)
Butterfly Journal (SKU: PG1244)Butterfly Journal (SKU: PG1244)
Butterfly Journal (SKU: PG1248)Butterfly Journal (SKU: PG1248)
Butterfly Magic Earrings (SKU: JL1487)Butterfly Magic Earrings (SKU: JL1487)
Butterfly Magic Necklace (SKU: JL1489)Butterfly Magic Necklace (SKU: JL1489)
Butterfly Magnetic List Pad (SKU: PG1231)Butterfly Magnetic List Pad (SKU: PG1231)
Butterfly Magnets (SKU: PG1217)Butterfly Magnets (SKU: PG1217)
Butterfly Note Cards in Brooch Portfolio Box (SKU: PG1228)Butterfly Note Cards in Brooch Portfolio Box (SKU: PG1228)
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...Like the common caterpillar, each of us at times forget who and what we will one day become. We each need a reminder from time to time to remember that within each of us lives a butterfly that in due time will emerge, spread its wings and brighten the day of everyone we touch. Be gentle, find joy and beauty in each and every day of the journey!
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