Butterfly & Dragonfly Accents, Linens, Ornaments, Mirrors, etc. to add that special touch to your home decor!

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Butterfly Garden Paperweight/Coaster (SKU: HM1262)Butterfly Garden Paperweight/Coaster (SKU: HM1262)
Butterfly Hand Painted Peruvian Gourds (SKU: HM1150)Butterfly Hand Painted Peruvian Gourds (SKU: HM1150)
Butterfly on Pattern Suncatcher (SKU: HM1263)Butterfly on Pattern Suncatcher (SKU: HM1263)
Butterfly Ornaments (SKU: HM1023)Butterfly Ornaments (SKU: HM1023)
Butterfly Tea Light (SKU: HM1152)Butterfly Tea Light (SKU: HM1152)
Butterfly Wind Chime (SKU: HM1136)Butterfly Wind Chime (SKU: HM1136)
Butterfly with Red Flowers Perfume Bottle (SKU: JL1478)Butterfly with Red Flowers Perfume Bottle (SKU: JL1478)
Dragonfly on White Perfume Bottle (SKU: JL1480)Dragonfly on White Perfume Bottle (SKU: JL1480)
Forget Me Not Butterfly Poster (SKU: PG1211)Forget Me Not Butterfly Poster (SKU: PG1211)
Forget Me Not Tile (SKU: HM1279)Forget Me Not Tile (SKU: HM1279)
Glass Teardrop Butterfly Ornament (SKU: HM1037T)Glass Teardrop Butterfly Ornament (SKU: HM1037T)
Gold Dragonfly Perfume Bottle (SKU: JL1449)Gold Dragonfly Perfume Bottle (SKU: JL1449)
Green Butterfly Perfume Bottle (SKU: JL1477)Green Butterfly Perfume Bottle (SKU: JL1477)
Hand Painted Butterflies & Vines Ornament (SKU: HM1202)Hand Painted Butterflies & Vines Ornament (SKU: HM1202)
Hand Painted Butterfly Mirror (SKU: HM1042)Hand Painted Butterfly Mirror (SKU: HM1042)
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