Dragonfly Gifts
Dragonflies are the unchallenged masters of flight, hovering motionless, darting up and down, back and forth, with ease. These dragonfly themed gift items celebrate the grace and eternal hope characterized by the dragonfly…

Dragonfly Gifts

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Dragonfly Travel Mug "Wild & Precious Life" (SKU: HM1177)Dragonfly Travel Mug "Wild & Precious Life" (SKU: HM1177)
Dragonfly Trivet (SKU: HM1140)Dragonfly Trivet (SKU: HM1140)
Gold Dragonfly Perfume Bottle (SKU: JL1449)Gold Dragonfly Perfume Bottle (SKU: JL1449)
Green Thumb Cookie Cutter Set (SKU: HM1167)Green Thumb Cookie Cutter Set (SKU: HM1167)
Journey To Paradise Coaster (SKU: HM1259)Journey To Paradise Coaster (SKU: HM1259)
Journey To Paradise Keychain (SKU: JL1490)Journey To Paradise Keychain (SKU: JL1490)
Journey To Paradise Mug (SKU: HM1258)Journey To Paradise Mug (SKU: HM1258)
Journey To Paradise Necklace (SKU: JL1501)Journey To Paradise Necklace (SKU: JL1501)
Journey To Paradise Travel Mug (SKU: HM1257)Journey To Paradise Travel Mug (SKU: HM1257)
Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America (SKU: BK1177)Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America (SKU: BK1177)
Magenta Dragonflies Perfume Bottle (SKU: JL1482)Magenta Dragonflies Perfume Bottle (SKU: JL1482)
Mini Funnel (SKU: JL1485)Mini Funnel (SKU: JL1485)
Opal Dragonfly Pendant (SKU: JL1472)Opal Dragonfly Pendant (SKU: JL1472)
Orchids & Dragonfly Bookmark/Magnet/Suncatcher (SKU: PG1202)Orchids & Dragonfly Bookmark/Magnet/Suncatcher (SKU: PG1202)
Pewter Dragonfly Keyring (SKU: JL1454)Pewter Dragonfly Keyring (SKU: JL1454)
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…Something in the shimmering beauty and grace of the dragonfly touches our heart and draws us forward; even on days when we may struggle, feeling like a newly hatched nymph, darting across the mud at the bottom of the pond.

Whatever your challenges, keep your gaze clearly focused on your beautiful self that will someday come forth, even as you find joy in each day of your journey!

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