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Magic Flyer White Butterflies

Magic Flyer White Butterflies
Flying butterflies
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The Magic Flyer® White Butterflies deliver the anticipation, excitement, and fun of a live butterfly release without all the inherent problems! Perfect for weddings, birthdays, funerals, holidays, memorials, and more. No matter what your event, if you are celebrating life, you have most likely considered a butterfly release. The Magic Flyer® White Butterfly will make your event possible no matter what the weather and will deliver your butterfly release without breaking your budget.

Available in life like versions such as the popular Monarch, or in completely fanciful designs that exist only in dreams, you choose the colors and varieties that will best complement your event. Simply wind up the Magic Flyer® Butterfly and place one or more into a book, card, or other launch device and it is ready to release. Give each guest a preloaded launch card; or they can hold the butterfly in their hands, and when the signal is given the sky will be filled with a swirling flight of butterflies!

Unlike live butterfly releases, you won’t have to worry about temperatures that are too hot or too cold for the butterflies. You won’t have to worry about windy or rainy conditions. Your butterflies won’t suffer death loss in shipping, or from disease, or unfavorable environmental conditions. After all, you certainly don’t need to be worrying about the feeding or care of live butterflies when you should be thinking only about your special event.

The versatile Magic Flyer® White Butterflies are also a great way to liven up your correspondence. Whether inviting someone to your party, or asking that special someone to a special event, fill your card with a flight of butterflies and you are sure to get their attention!

You really have to see the Magic Flyer® White Butterfly in action to believe how fun and entertaining this flying butterfly can be. While not a good as the real thing, you can view the video below to get an introduction to how fun and versatile the Magic Flyer® Butterflies are. Available singly or in packs of 10, these reusable flying butterflies will make your next event truly extraordinary!

Approximate size is 4 inches long x 3.5 inches wide.

*Card & envelope not included.

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