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Why a butterfly & dragonfly site? There is something about butterflies and dragonflies that resonates at some unknown instinctual level within the human heart and mind. While they are certainly beautiful, they are not the only beautiful creatures inhabiting our Earth. While both develop through the process of metamorphosis, one complete and the other incomplete, they are not the only insects that transform through the fascinating process of metamorphosis. What is it then that makes them so irresistibly intriguing?

Perhaps the irresistible attraction of butterflies and dragonflies is due to the way their life cycle and transformation to extraordinary beauty helps us symbolically address the questions, where did I come from, why am I here, what becomes of me after I die? As we consider our place in the infinite universe, an understanding of the circle of life experienced by butterflies and dragonflies give us a fascinating perspective and a greater measure of understanding.

Each egg; laid by the delicate, effortlessly floating butterfly, carries the potential to become a beautiful butterfly in it own right. However, the process is totally incomprehensible unless viewed in its entirety. The egg becomes a caterpillar with no resemblance whatsoever to the butterfly. The caterpillar, spending its time eating, growing, molting, over and over again, cannot begin to comprehend the awaiting transformation or its ultimate nature as a butterfly.

For those caterpillars that grow and thrive, the time comes that they enter the chrysalis. This new form is as unlike the previous form as the egg is unlike the caterpillar that hatches out of it. Depending upon the species, days or months may pass with no change to the dead looking chrysalis. Then, when the time is right, the chrysalis rends and the glorious butterfly emerges! Again, depending upon the species, the adult life may be measured in a handful of days or may stretch over a period of months. The adult may spend its entire life in close proximity to where it lived as a caterpillar, or it may migrate thousands of miles before laying its eggs to start the cycle all over again.

The incomplete metamorphosis of the dragonfly is extraordinary in that the nymph stage may spend years in an underwater existence, while the adult dragonfly breathes air and is an unsurpassed master of flight!

In her short story, Waterbugs and Dragonflies, Doris Stickney explores the symbolic relationships of life, death, and the as yet unseen life after death. The Waterbugs and Dragonflies story can be found on the Rainbows Bridge web site.

Whether you seek comfort in the eternally renewing cycle of the dragonfly, the hope embodied in the transformation of the homely caterpillar into the unsurpassed beauty of a butterfly or moth, or simply find the colorful beauty of these winged creatures to be totally captivating, we join you in your love of butterflies and dragonflies.

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